How Soluble Fiber Foods Can Help Lower Cholesterol

There are many benefits to consuming soluble fiber like reducing the body’s cholesterol absorption.  Although most studies show that the effect isn’t extremely large, some types of soluble fiber do show more promise than others.

Benefits of Soluble Fiber Supplements

In fact, studies have shown that taking soluble fiber supplements alongside statins, the most common type of cholesterol-lowering meds, can lower cholesterol more effectively than with the statin alone. This is why it is common to find fiber in supplements to lower cholesterol. 

How Soluble Fiber Lowers Cholesterol

Soluble fiber lowers cholesterol by binding to it in the small intestine. Once inside the small intestine, the fiber attaches to the cholesterol particles, preventing them from entering your bloodstream and traveling to other parts of the body.

How to Achieve a High Fiber Diet 

As always, it’s better to get nutrients naturally. If you’re looking to increase the amount of soluble fiber in your diet, we've listed a few foods below that are high in soluble fiber.

To avoid unwanted bloating and gas, it’s advisable to gradually incorporate and increase the amount of fiber intake over the course of a few days. Making sure to drink plenty of water will also help. 

High Fiber Foods


6.7g of fiber per 100g of avocado

Granny Smith Apples

2.5g of fiber per 100g Granny Smith apple


6.5g of fiber per 100g raspberries

Light Red Kidney Beans

4.5g of fiber per 100g light red kidney beans


1.4g of fiber per 100g carrots


0.2g of fiber per 100g orange

Dark Chocolate

10.9g of fiber per 100g dark chocolate

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