Glucan Elite’s trademarked, superior Beta Glucan (BGF-Immune®) is derived from a cutting-edge fermentation extraction process yielding the highest purity 1,3 chain linkage (85% min.) and most potent, bioavailable form of Beta Glucan on the market.
Glucan Elite is a natural dietary supplement that is designed to help support the immune system by acting as a biological response modifier. The only active ingredient in Glucan Elite is a high dose (1,000mg per serving) of BGF-Immune® Beta Glucan standardized to contain 85% minimum content of 1,3 chain linkage in a therapeutic potency supported by research. The 1,3 chain linkage found in Beta Glucan has many peer-reviewed scientific journals supporting its effectiveness and is one of the most compelling natural immunomodulators available as a dietary supplement.*

Glucan Elite is the best "value vs cost" Beta Glucan supplement available on the market in terms of percentage of 1,3 chain linkage, bioavailability and dosage. No other Beta Glucan supplement on the market will give you the same amount of active 1,3 linkage for the price as Glucan Elite, making it an easy choice for those who are serious about supplementing with Beta Glucan.*